David Blaine Live on Tour 2017

David Blaine Live on Tour 2017

Originally posted June 2017:

This past week I had the opportunity to meet David Blaine and watch his live show. He is on tour performing 40 dates across the United States and I caught the show in Omaha, Nebraska.  But first let's back up a moment... 

When I was in elementary school being a magician was the most non-cool thing a person could do. But still I was the geeky kid who loved magic tricks. Then when I was in middle school David Blaine hit the scene. The game changed. Magic was relevant and I was now the cool kid in school.  It's probably thanks to him that I continued to perform magic when I was young. While some people may remember Doug Henning or David Copperfield as being their childhood magician, mine was without question David Blaine. I still was inspired by Lance Burton and Copperfield of course, but Blaine was the one who made magic mainstream again.

So there I was with tickets to his performance and I couldn't have been more excited. The Monday before the show I tweeted @davidblaine asking him if I got a tattoo of his logo could I get a private meet and greet. He didn't say either way, but he did like my tweet. I figured now would be as good of a time as any to get the tattoo, so on Tuesday that's what I did. Then I sent him another tweet:

Shortly after sending out that tweet David Blaine sent me a private message to email his assistant to arrange the meet and greet. Boom! How awesome is that?! The story only gets better.  The first thing that happened during the meet and greet was the photo opportunity. Once it was my turn I showed him my tattoo and his eyes immediately lit up and he got excited. In fact, he was so excited he wanted to take a picture and post it on his Snapchat story. For 24 hours my tattoo was featured on his Snapchat. Here was his snap - 

Once the photos were finished, Blaine had everyone circle around him while he performed a couple card tricks. Seeing him up close for a group of roughly 30 people was insanely fun. He was in his element and it was legit to watch. The first card trick a spectator named a playing card while another person named a random number. The cards were then taken out of the box and the card that was named was in the exact location that was called out! From there he had a signed card appear under a persons watch and then the card changed to someone else's thought of card -  in true David Blaine style! 

Then it was time for the full stage show. I won't go into much detail about the live performance as I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I will say it was really good. If you love his television specials then you will absolutely love the live show. It's a combination of his magic and endurance stunts. Each show is a little bit different and each show could be potentially his last as there are dangerous bits throughout. He was very personable and interacted well with the audience. To start the show he asked the us if we wanted to see a card trick or the needle and thread trick. Needless to say, we picked the needle and thread trick. Check out the live show if you want to know what he did with it. (It was pretty crazy!) 

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