High School Hypnosis Post Prom and Grad Parties

High School Hypnosis Post Prom and Grad Parties

Originally posted June 2017:

That’s a wrap to my 2017 high school hypnosis post prom and senior grad season! It was beyond awesome performing for over a dozen different schools across the Midwest. While most of my shows were in South Dakota I did bring my hilarious performance to Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and even Texas! The reviews are in and the students absolutely loved the comedy hypnosis shows!

One of the funniest moments that stands out was at a post prom in South Dakota where one of the hypnotized students started randomly smiling. My favorite thing to do during my comedy hypnosis show is to incorporate improv and bits I didn't have planned. That's what makes each show different and spontaneous. So when I noticed the kid was smiling I had him smile even bigger... and even bigger! Eventually his tongue started falling out of his mouth and then he couldn't say his name. It became a call back throughout the show and gosh was it funny! Here is a short 30 second clip - 

I wan't to thank all the parents and high schools that brought my show to their post prom and senior grad parties. It's because of them that the students have a night they can remember for the rest of their lives!  Sharing so many laughs and creating memories makes it all worth while. 

This year I had an equal mix of new schools and schools I've performed for prior. It was actually my seventh year bringing my hypnosis show to Houston, MN Post Prom! In fact they love the show so much they want to bring me back again in 2018. It really means a lot to me that the parents bring me back year after year.

Each year I change up the show and I always add new content which keeps the show feeling fresh. On top of that with the comedic improv throughout makes each performance unique and hilarious. 

My high school hypnosis 2018 schedule is already filling up and I can't wait to see which schools I'll be at next year! 

Lastly, I wanted to share with you one more video. I had the wonderful opportunity to perform for the University of South Dakota's Dakotathon. It's a 24-hour dance marathon raising money for the Children's Miracle Network. In addition to constantly changing up my show I also include bits that are relevant to what's going on in our culture. So of course I couldn't pass up on including the Mannequin Challenge as a part of my hypnosis shows. 




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