Post Prom Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Post Prom Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Originally posted April 2016:

Post Prom Comedy Hypnosis Shows

The post prom & senior project graduation hypnosis shows are underway! I had three this previous weekend that were a blast! I have 2-3 of these types of shows every weekend until the end of May across the Midwest including South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. I always look forward to the after prom season. It's so much fun creating laughs for so many high schools. The students also love having both magic and hypnosis for their entertainment. It's the best of both worlds!

This is my 9th year performing for high school post proms. Wow! Where has the time gone? I remember in 2008 I skipped my own prom, because I was performing for a different schools prom that same night. So while I never attended prom myself, I get to travel to several every year performing comedy hypnosis shows!

When the students tell me I'm their favorite hypnotist and that my show is more funny than anyone else - it really solidifies why I do what I do. Which is to create everlasting memories for them on one of their most important nights of their young lives!

Here are a couple funny moments from my comedy hypnosis shows:

One of the skits I've been having a lot of fun with is the Secret Agent Shoe Phone. That's where I hypnotize all the volunteers to have spy shoe phones and when they hear ringing they start talking into their shoes. The kicker is I have them create their own language other than English so no one can decipher their conversations. It's always hilarious hearing what funny noises each student comes up with. Every show surprises me!

Another skit that I've been performing for the past couple years is still a fan favorite! I hypnotize everyone to forget their names! It's so funny I encourage you to watch this video :)

My schedule fills up quickly as my show is in high demand for high schoolers. Generally I'm confirming dates in September the year prior. If you are interested in bringing my fast-paced hilarious hypnosis show to your school, or if you'd like more information simply contact me directly today. 


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