Sioux Falls Magician in Magazine

Sioux Falls Magician in Magazine

Originally posted October 2015:

One week ago from today Travis Nye and myself performed our magic show at the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theater to roughly 300 people who came out to support local talent. My hometown of Sioux Falls has always been amazing about supporting these type of events. The show featured magic, mind-reading and mystery. We opened up the performance this year to all-ages and everyone absolutely loved it!

The comments we've received from the show have been phenomenal. The performance was very conversational and everyone felt as though they were a part of it, which made for an intimate experience. Travis and I both feed off spectators reactions and the audience last week was unbelievable. Thank you Sioux Falls for being awesome and supporting us!

In other exciting news, this month of October I'm featured in 605 Magazine! It's a magazine that goes all across the state of South Dakota. You can read the magazine at this link -

One of my favorite questions from the magazine interview was:

What is funniest or best reaction you've had from an audience member?

When the audience member forgets what card they chose. Just kidding.

The best reactions, for me as a magician, happen when things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes in my show strange things occur that I didn’t script out. While the audience may not realize the difference, inside I know it’s what created such an amazing reaction in that moment.

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