Sometimes the Road is Home

Originally posted September 2015:

Being an entertainer one of the joys of the job is getting the opportunity to travel. I just finished my end of summer tour and it was an absolute blast! I was on the road for roughly 30 days. From Arizona I traveled to Nebraska, then to Colorado. After returning back home for a day I was off to Seattle. Then immediately following I traveled to Albert Lea, Minnesota and La Crosse, Wisconsin. I was extremely excited to be invited on WXOW-TV in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area to promote my comedy hypnosis show. 

Finishing up the tour were performances in Billings, Montana! What an epic two nights of fun! Friday & Saturday night were filled with hypnotic suggestion! Now I'm back home, and after having a few days to catch my breath I am ready to focus on my next big show - #PremonitionLive. I'm partnering with a good friend and fellow entertainer, Travis Nye. The show features magic, freak show stunts, danger, mystery, and more! The performance is Friday October 30th at the Zabel Theater in the Orpheum in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Lastly, for all you Apple geeks out there - I just purchased an Apple Watch. I haven't had it for more than a couple days - but I plan on writing a review for the product soon. There are a few things I would have liked to know when I was interested in buying the watch. So far it's pretty fun though!

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