Post prom, project graduation & High School Assembly Entertainment

Hilarious High School Hypnotist - z*stonish

Zac's (zstonish) high school performance is fast paced featuring audience participation and non-stop laughter! The hypnosis show is a wild combination of comedy improv and hypnotic mystery! Several students become the stars of the show while experiencing the phenomena of hypnosis. 

Zac includes comedy improv, social media, years of experience and a hypnotic flare  which causes everyone to be on the edge of their seats laughing hysterically!

Ideal for:

  • Post Prom / After Prom Parties
  • Grad Night Events
  • Homecoming
  • Student Leadership Conferences
  • Project Graduation Parties
  • School Assemblies

Age Appropriate for High School!

His show is both administrator & student approved! Because of this, the show is in high demand for high school post prom and senior graduation parties. It’s important for you to find a performer that is entertaining for both students and adults. z*stonish presents a clean 100% age appropriate show while still being outrageous and edgy for high schoolers. His comedic timing doesn't need the cheap laughs or blue humor. 

You've might of seen a comedy club hypnotist in the past that has crossed the line. Rest assured that there will be nothing embarrassing or inappropriate with Zac's comedy hypnosis and magic shows. Not only is the show clean, safety is the #1 priority! The students will never get out of control, fall all over, get injured, etc. He takes extreme precaution to make sure this doesn’t happen. 

Zac has a solid track record, professional show with raving reviews. You want more then just your average entertainer which is exactly what you'll get - an extremely high quality performance that will go above and beyond your expectations. 

Whether it’s for your post prom – after prom party, project graduation, school assembly or after school program, you can trust that z*stonish will present a clean, family friendly show that’s fresh and brings high energy theatrics for the students to remember for years to come!