College Hypnosis Entertainment / Campus Activities

Are you ready to break attendance records and generate buzz on campus? Then you want the BEST. This is it. z*stonish is the real deal.

Zac is young and relevant and he’s quickly becoming a rising star in hypnosis entertainment. He isn't just breaking into the college market, he's becoming a hot new trend. And it's because the performance is fresh, hip and full of non-stop laughter! You've probably had a hypnotist in the past, but you've never had one quite like this! The show is extremely high energy with an insane amount of audience participation. 

He also incorporates magic within the performance. Whether it’s strolling magic before the show, or magic in the stage show, you’ll definitely be astonished… or should I say z*stonished! Everyone absolutely loves experiencing the best of both worlds; magic and hypnosis entertainment.

From the moment Zac walks on stage all the way to the curtain closing you can guarantee you'll be engaged and laughing so much your cheeks hurt! The performance is one-of-a-kind. He includes comedy improv, social media, years of experience and a hypnotic flare  which causes everyone to be on the edge of their seats laughing hysterically! It’s a unique show you won’t find from any other hypnotist.

Ideal for:

  • Campus Activities
  • Homecoming Events
  • Freshman Orientation Programs
  • Welcome Week Programs
  • Campus Festivals
  • Diversity Programs