High School Hypnotist Post Prom & Senior Grad Parties

High School Hypnotist Post Prom & Senior Grad Parties

It was beyond awesome performing my comedy hypnosis show for over a dozen different high schools across the Midwest. The reviews are in and the students absolutely loved the comedy hypnosis shows! One of the funniest moments that stands out was at a post prom show....

Hypnosis Show for the University of South Dakota

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to perform my comedy hypnosis show at the University of South Dakota for their Dakotathon (Children’s Miracle Network 24 Hour Dance-a-thon Fundraiser). While I regularly perform for colleges and universities across the Midwest this was my first time performing for USD - And it was a blast of awesomeness!

Not only was the audience ready to have a good time, but so were the volunteers who were hypnotized. They made the show hilarious! I want to thank the university for inviting me to be a part of such a great event. They raised $145,423.55 for the Children’s Miracle Network! Shout out to USD for all their hard work. #FTK (For The Kids)

I’m constantly mixing up my hypnosis show with new skits and fresh material. Lately I've been incorporating the Mannequin Challenge and I wanted to share a video from USD showcasing their version of the skit.

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South Dakota Magician Performs Magic on KSFY-TV

In case you missed my appearance on KSFY from February 17th - here is the video! I perform a really cool card trick that Shawn & Kamie thought was awesome!

I was on KSFY promoting my comedy hypnosis & magic show at Southeast Tech. It was my second year performing for the school and the show was absolutely phenomenal! They loved it so much they are ready to bring me back for a third time - I'm looking forward to it. :)

Sioux Falls Magician in Magazine

Sioux falls orpheum
Sioux falls orpheum

One week ago from today Travis Nye and myself performed our magic show at the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theater to roughly 300 people who came out to support local talent. My hometown of Sioux Falls has always been amazing about supporting these type of events. The show featured magic, mind-reading and mystery. We opened up the performance this year to all-ages and everyone absolutely loved it!

The comments we've received from the show have been phenomenal. The performance was very conversational and everyone felt as though they were a part of it, which made for an intimate experience. Travis and I both feed of spectators reactions and the audience last week was unbelievable. Thank you Sioux Falls for being awesome and supporting us!

Zstonish magician sioux falls
Zstonish magician sioux falls

In other exciting news, this month of October I'm featured in 605 Magazine! It's a magazine that goes all across the state of South Dakota. You can read the magazine at this link - 605Magazine.com

One of my favorite questions from the magazine interview was:

What is funniest or best reaction you've had from an audience member?

When the audience member forgets what card they chose. Just kidding.

The best reactions, for me as a magician, happen when things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes in my show strange things occur that I didn’t script out. While the audience may not realize the difference, inside I know it’s what created such an amazing reaction in that moment.

Sioux falls magician 605 magazine
Sioux falls magician 605 magazine

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Sioux Falls - 24 Hour Bed of Nails Event!

Zstonish & Travis Nye Bed of Nails Event
Zstonish & Travis Nye Bed of Nails Event

Hey Sioux Falls! This Saturday at Badlands Pawn we are bringing you something crazy! Travis Nye will be laying on a Bed of Nails for a full 24 hours. Can he make it!? Find out for yourself. During the event I will be performing magic and mind-reading. We also will be live streaming the event online.

Zstonish schedule
Zstonish schedule


Thursday Sept. 15th 6:30AM - We will be performing on the KSFY Morning Show

Friday Sept. 16th 6:30AM - Check out the KDLT Morning show as we will be performing magic and discussing the Bed of Nails event. 8:15AM Tune in to KBAD 94.5 Radio for more!

Saturday Sept. 17th 4:30PM - z*stonish & Travis Nye PreShow Party 5PM - Travis Nye Lays on the Bed of Nails 5-6PM - Photo Opportunity to Stand on Travis 6:55PM - #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway 7PM - Badlands Pawn Doors Close - Continue Watching via the Live Online Stream

Sunday Sept. 18th 10AM - Badlands Pawn Doors Open 10-11AM - Photo Opportunity to Stand on Travis 11AM - #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway 12PM - z*stonish Performs & #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway 1PM - #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway 1-2PM - Photo Opportunity to Stand on Travis 2PM - z*stonish Performs & #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway 3PM - KOKO Fit Club Presentation 4PM - KOKO Fit 30Day Free Membership & #PremonitionLive Ticket Giveaway 5PM - Breaking the Cement Block on Travis & Finale

Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewlery is located at 1600 Russel St., Sioux Falls, SD, 57104

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z*stonish End of Summer Update


It's unbelievable how fast summer has gone and it was a busy one! In June I had the wonderful opportunity of working with hypnotist Jim Wand all while breaking a world record with the most amount of hypnotists on stage in one show. It was such a great experience!

Hypnotica with Jim Wand
Hypnotica with Jim Wand

Then from there I traveled the Midwest performing my comedy hypnosis and magic shows for fairs and hometown festivals, with stops in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. I met a lot of new people at my shows and it was awesome!

Fair and festival entertainment
Fair and festival entertainment

To finish up July I performed alongside Travis Nye in his hometown of Keokuk, Iowa. To a sold out crowd, we rocked the house with our show #PremonitionLive!

#PremonitionLive Keokuk
#PremonitionLive Keokuk

To finish up August I had an epic show at Wayne State! It was the second time I've performed my comedy hypnosis show for the college and they are excited to bring me back for a third show!


Then to wrap up a fun summer, I finished with a street magic and hypnosis tour in New York and New Jersey. We got an insane amount of video footage of myself performing in Times Square and Jersey Shore. I'm excited to release the videos in a mini YouTube series, which I'll announce soon!

New York & New Jersey Magician
New York & New Jersey Magician

(Of course while I was in New York I had to see Wicked on Broadway and Blue Man Group!)

Blue Man Group New York
Blue Man Group New York

Right now I am underway working with Travis Nye on our next big performance, #PremonitionLive which is playing at the Sioux Falls Orpheum on October 8th.

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Hilarious College Hypnotist

I recently had the opportunity to perform my hypnosis show for a few colleges and it was so much I wanted to fill you in! My first college/technical school of the year was for Southeast Tech in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and they were such a fun group. They wanted something different for entertainment, which they found my dynamic and interactive comedy hypnosis show. I did not disappoint! After the performance they had raving reviews!

“We were very impressed by Zac’s down to earth presence both before and after the performance with our students. He truly loves interacting with the people and it shows! By popular demand, Zac will become part of our traditions here at Southeast Tech!” - Elizabeth Harder, Activities Department

“The best hypnotist I’ve ever seen! Love for him to come back!” - Alexis Reich, Southeast Tech Student

Here is a really fun montage I put together featuring the show

Following that performance my next show was at South Dakota State University (SDSU). This was my second year in a row performing for this college. As always the show was epic! The students have so much energy that I always look forward to this annual event. They have invited me to be the entertainment for one of their huge fundraisers called State-A-Thon, which raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network. This year they raised $103,322.44!!! Amazing work everyone!

Check out this video highlighting some of the fun moments from the show.

Lastly, my most recent college performance was for Wayne Stage College. This was my first time performing for them, but it definitely won’t be my last! They loved the performance so much they have rebooked for another show in August.

“Extremely funny and creative hypnotist and magic show. Would see again and recommend!” - Lexi Rosa, WSC Student

One of the comedy hypnotist skits I’ve been performing is the “Secret Spy Shoe Phone”. That’s where I hypnotize everyone to think they are secret agents that happen to have secret spy shoe phones. The kicker is when they talk in their shoes they have to come up with their own language other than English so no one can decipher the conversation. Well let me just show you.. :)

College/University hypnosis shows are so much fun! I find it easy to relate to the students and create a gut busting hilarious performance. Colleges want a hypnotist that is different and unique. Not every hypnotist is the same! My performance is one of the most creative and intelligent on the market today. But don’t just take my word for it, please check out my over 60 reviews on Facebook - five stars & two thumbs up!

I take great pride in being a NACA member and I work directly with student activity coordinators to make the entertainment on campus memorable! My comedy hypnosis show is guaranteed to be more hilarious than any other hypnotist or your money back!

It’s always encouraged to partner with other departments and schools for a discounted rate. Also known as Block Booking, where multiple schools come together to hire the same entertainer. Now regardless of school size or budget there is a solution; affordable entertainment. In addition to that I work extremely hard to be the easiest entertainer to work with. No crazy demands, no agents. You deal directly with me. Interested in more information? Check out my college hypnotist page.

Post Prom Comedy Hypnosis Shows

The post prom & senior project graduation hypnosis shows are underway! I had three this previous weekend that were a blast! I have 2-3 of these types of shows every weekend until the end of May across the Midwest including South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. I always look forward to the after prom season. It's so much fun creating laughs for so many high schools. The students also love having both magic and hypnosis for their entertainment. It's the best of both worlds!

This is my 9th year performing for high school post proms. Wow! Where has the time gone? I remember in 2008 I skipped my own prom, because I was performing for a different schools prom that same night. So while I never attended prom myself, I get to travel to several every year performing comedy hypnosis shows!

When the students tell me I'm their favorite hypnotist and that my show is more funny than anyone else it really solidifies why I do what I do. Which is to create everlasting memories for them on one of their most important nights of their young lives!

Here are a couple funny moments from my comedy hypnosis shows:

One of the skits I've been having a lot of fun with is the Secret Agent Shoe Phone. That's where I hypnotize all the volunteers to have spy shoe phones and when they hear ringing they start talking into their shoes. The kicker is I have them create their own language other than English so no one can decipher their conversations. It's always hilarious hearing what funny noises each student comes up with. Every show surprises me!

Spy shoe phone 1
Spy shoe phone 1

Another skit that I've been performing for the past couple years is still a fan favorite! I hypnotize everyone to forget their names! It's so funny I encourage you to watch this video :)


My schedule fills up quickly as my show is in high demand for high schoolers. Generally I'm confirming dates in September the year prior. If you are interested in bringing my fast-paced hilarious hypnosis show to your school, or if you'd like more information simply visit my High School page.

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F.A.Q. for z*stonish

Frequently Asked Questions for South Dakota Comedy Hypnotist & Magician - z*stonish

How do I book a performance? Simply contact zstonish (Zac Tenneboe) No agents to deal with. No headaches. You'll be able to work directly with Zac. Phone - 888.993.2771 Email - zac@zstonish.com

What size audiences do you entertain? Audiences large and small have been enjoying z*stonish’s entertainment for years. Whether it’s a small private party of 20 people to a large corporate event of 1000+, z*stonish can handle any size and customizes the performance for each event.

Do you travel? Yes! z*stonish travels nationwide! Here are just a few places zstonish has performed recently - South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Texas.

Do you need a stage? When possible, a theatrical stage or auditorium is preferred. A platform stage with a minimum of 24ft wide by 10ft deep is recommended for the best performance. High school gymnasiums are an exception. Please discuss directly with Zac if a stage is necessary for your event.

Are you going to do anything that will embarrass anyone? The z*stonish Comedy Hypnosis & Magic shows are professionally and tastefully done. At no time will Zac perform anything that will embarrass anyone and under hypnosis he won’t make them do anything against their will either. The performance is completely safe, appropriate and family friendly!

Do you require a deposit when booking? 20% down payment is required with the signing of a contract. No performance date is held until a contract and deposit is returned.

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, Check, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal

How much do you charge? Every event is different and has different entertainment needs. It's impossible to answer this questions without more details about the specifics of your event. Rates depend on availability, type of performance, and travel distance. Contact zstonish directly for a personalized quote.

Reasons to Hire South Dakota Hypnotist z*stonish

Reasons to Hire South Dakota Comedy Hypnotist & Magician z*stonish

Does the performer have experience? I have been performing my comedy hypnosis and magic shows for a very long time. My father is a magician and introduced me to show business at a young age. It’s been an absolute thrill to be a part of the entertainment industry since I was a child! In addition to being a magician, I have also been performing hypnosis shows for the past nine years. Entertainment is my life and it’s what I do best! It's my full-time career and everyday I'm grateful for being able to do what I love. 

The stage is my home and it's where I feel the most comfortable; standing in front of an audience and entertaining them to laugh and be amazed is what drives my passion. I've performed for thousands of people and I look forward to performing my show for thousands more each year!

I also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee when booking my show.  I’m that confident you will absolutely love my show and laugh more than you ever have!

Does the performer have video, testimonials and a solid track record? When booking an entertainer these are vital in making sure you’ve ensured the best possible performance. A strong social media presence, television appearances, show reviews and videos should be taken into consideration. On the Media page you’ll find several awesome zstonish videos and please take a moment to read these testimonials.

I'd also be more than happy to provide you with as many references that you'd like so you can contact them directly for a show testimonial as well.

For more promotional material, testimonials and information please contact me directly at zac@zstonish.com

Does the hypnotist have proper training? The professional hypnotist should have at least 100 hours of training and be certified by a reputable hypnosis organization such as National Guild of Hypnotists.

I’m Certified in both the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists.

However, this type of training does not teach stage hypnosis or entertainment. In fact, there really isn't any awards or certifications for being a stage hypnotist. While I have studied under many of the best hypnotists in the world, my most practical training has come from performing the shows themselves. Over the past nine years of performing comedy hypnosis shows, I've experienced just about every situation that can occur. More importantly, I've learned from my experiences which in return has created a highly professional and polished performance. 

Does the performer have insurance? A professional performer should be insured with a liability policy. Always request a copy to confirm the policy is not expired. 

Performing entertainment throughout my life I have never had any accidents, but if I ever do you can rest assured that I have the insurance coverage. If you would like a copy of my performers insurance policy please ask, I’ll be more then happy to provide you with one.

Interested in staying up to date and in contact? Join the conversation! Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Snapchat : @zstonish

Comedy Hypnotist & Magician z*stonish is available to travel nationwide and has most recently performed in South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Washington and Colorado.

z*stonish Comedy Hypnosis High School Fundraiser


Easily Raise Money for your School! No Cost! No Risk!

The Fundraiser:

The z*stonish Comedy Hypnosis Show Fundraiser is the perfect solution to raise money for your school!

Your School will Benefit:

  • Make the money you need!
  • Bring an exciting, on the edge of your seat performance of comedy hypnosis to your school!
  • Unique and interactive audience participation with non-stop laughter.
  • Laughs per minute to create memories for a lifetime!

How does it work?

A simple and effective fundraising model will allow your high school to raise several thousand dollars. In fact, one hypnosis show fundraiser can raise anywhere from $1000-$5000! I’m sure you would agree that any school department or post-prom committee would enjoy having that extra cash for the students.

What’s the catch?

It all sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? I promise it’s a win win solution! The money raised by ticket sales is a 60/40 split between z*stonish and the High School; that way we both make money. In addition, z*stonish donates 20% of merchandise and product sold at the show! That’s just one of many multiple income streams for your school!

z*stonish has also put together a streamlined process to generate interest and get ticket sales selling quickly!

It’s that simple! However, if you’d like more information I’ve put together a full breakdown of the model in depth. Please contact me directly today with any questions you have and to learn more about all the money making options for your school! 

Email: zac@zstonish.com

Phone: 888.993.2771

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Backstage at Blue Man Group

First off let me mention that I'm a huge fan of Blue Man Group. I've seen the show 9 times, in different cities across the country, and I still look forward to the next show. What happened last week was a dream come true. Imagine being able to meet members from your favorite band, and getting a back stage tour. That's what happened to me with Blue Man Group. 6 semi trucks and 2 tour busses later the Blue Man Group had their show set up and ready in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of my friends, who is a Blue Man in the Chicago show, had contacted the touring company to set up a private meet and greet for me. Beyond amazing!

Before the performance the whole company gathers for a meeting. I was invited to be apart of the meeting, and to perform a couple magic tricks.

IMG_3044 2
IMG_3044 2

Then after the meeting finished up it was time for the show! It was awesome as always. The last time I had seen the touring show was in 2013, and this time around there were a couple different elements to the performance. That was cool! But not quite as cool as the back stage tour. :)

We meet in the theater and got a couple more pictures afterwards.

blue man group z*stonish
blue man group z*stonish
IMG_3065 2
IMG_3065 2

 The Blue Man left to get out of costume and the touring manager, who is also a magician, gave the tour.

We saw the human gipads and the inner workings, along with some of the video magic effects that are used. No spoilers here!

Then I had a chance to actually play on the tubes that are used in the show! As a major BMG fan, I was like a kid at Christmas!

blue man group tubes
blue man group tubes
blue man group tubes backpack
blue man group tubes backpack

 Also fun fact... there happens to be a Chewbacca that is following around the Blue Man Group tour. That's right, no one knows where it comes from, but it magically shows up at each city they play at.


At the back of the stage is where the big drum lives. Let me tell you... it's just as loud as you'd expect! You can feel it in your body and bones.

blue man group drum
blue man group drum

Of course the backstage tour wouldn't be complete without seeing the drums they use with paint, and also the gum-ball machine!


If you haven't seen Blue Man Group perform live you are missing out. Please do yourself a favor and see the show!

For more information visit BlueMan.com