F.A.Q. for z*stonish

Frequently Asked Questions for South Dakota Comedy Hypnotist & Magician - z*stonish

How do I book a performance? Simply contact zstonish (Zac Tenneboe) No agents to deal with. No headaches. You'll be able to work directly with Zac. Phone - 888.993.2771 Email - zac@zstonish.com

What size audiences do you entertain? Audiences large and small have been enjoying z*stonish’s entertainment for years. Whether it’s a small private party of 20 people to a large corporate event of 1000+, z*stonish can handle any size and customizes the performance for each event.

Do you travel? Yes! z*stonish travels nationwide! Here are just a few places zstonish has performed recently - South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Texas.

Do you need a stage? When possible, a theatrical stage or auditorium is preferred. A platform stage with a minimum of 24ft wide by 10ft deep is recommended for the best performance. High school gymnasiums are an exception. Please discuss directly with Zac if a stage is necessary for your event.

Are you going to do anything that will embarrass anyone? The z*stonish Comedy Hypnosis & Magic shows are professionally and tastefully done. At no time will Zac perform anything that will embarrass anyone and under hypnosis he won’t make them do anything against their will either. The performance is completely safe, appropriate and family friendly!

Do you require a deposit when booking? 20% down payment is required with the signing of a contract. No performance date is held until a contract and deposit is returned.

What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, Check, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal

How much do you charge? Every event is different and has different entertainment needs. It's impossible to answer this questions without more details about the specifics of your event. Rates depend on availability, type of performance, and travel distance. Contact zstonish directly for a personalized quote.

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