A Look Back at 2013

Happy New Year! We have officially entered into 2014! While I have many great surprises up my sleeve for the new year, here is a look back at an amazing 2013!

Our journey begins in the month of February; this was the birth of z*stonish. I have been performing shows my entire life, and have had a few different websites in the past, but it was finally time to bring everything together to create z*stonish, and rebrand myself.

April and May were jammed packed with hypnosis shows for after prom parties. It was an amazing run of shows! However, I'm extremely excited for the 2014 after prom season, and I have lots of surprises in store! 

I had a few shows throughout the summer, but my main goal was to take some time off and create new material for my performances.

Then August came and, woah! What a rush! I started out attending one of the largest magic conventions in the nation, MAGICLive. Not to mention it was also being held in Las Vegas! There were magic shows, lectures, demos, "jam sessions", and a whole lot more! I was also fortunate enough to see

Penn & Teller's

show, and the

Blue Man Group


From there I went to Sidney, NE to visit family and also to perform a public show. It was so much fun! Then I drove two hours to Denver and saw Dave Matthews Band perform. Always great music! 

After that I flew to Seattle, WA and visited my aunt and brother. I also had a private performance in Edmonds, WA. Then my aunt and I drove to the Gorge amphitheater to see Dave Matthews Band. I saw them perform Friday & Saturday. I may or may not be a huge

Dave Matthews Band

fan. Lol

September thru November I attended Hypnotist Andria Wood's hypnosis training. It was through the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists. It was a great training, and I had a blast! :)

After some corporate holiday parties, we flash forward to the present. Looking back I had an awesome year, but I have even more exciting things planned for you in 2014! I invite you along to experience the journey with me. 


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