Recent testimonial of z*stonish show

I just received an email of a testimonial for a recent performance I did for the Optimist Club convention - it was such a great read I wanted to share it.

"I recently had the pleasure of attending one of zstonish's performances. This was not the first hypnosis show I had been to but was definitely the most professionally and tastefully produced show I have seen to date. I also had the pleasure of being a first time participant as a subject. I will remember the experience for the rest of my life and feel blessed to have done it. My wife thought the show was an absolute blast and even under hypnosis I could tell the rest of the crowd was enjoying our antics immensely. Afterwards I was told some were to the point of tears they were laughing so hard! Thanks for a fun night I will never forget!" - Tom Seamans
Sauk Rapids, MN

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Thanks for reading!

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