z*stonish - Comedy Hypnotist Update

Hi everybody! It's been long past due for a zstonish update! My busy post prom comedy hypnosis show season has just finished up, with 13 performances in 5 weeks. Only two of those performances were out of state, the rest were in South Dakota. Represent 605! The tour was such a rush! So much fun!

The season started off with a knockout performance at SDSU college in Brookings, SD for the State-A-Thon. While it wasn't for a post prom, it was still a rock solid show! It was a great group of people, and an awesome panel of volunteers! Epic show! If you're interested in watching the hypnosis show click HERE for the digital download.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you can see video clips and pictures from the performances! They were a lot of fun!
Right now it's a break in the tour for me. It's nice to take a breather, and work on some new material, while polishing previous work. This weekend I'm taking a trip up to Des Moines to see Disney's the Lion King Musical. Yeah, kid at heart for life!
Following that I'll be heading to Las Vegas to work on some exciting projects, and get together with some friends. Hopefully some more information on that coming soon!
One of my next public performances is June 20th in Hardford, SD for Jamboree Days. I'm very much looking forward to this comedy hypnosis show! I have some fun surprises up my sleeve. Want to stay up to date on my performances? Click the subscribe button below.
That's all for now! As always thanks for reading!


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