Instant Magician Magic Kit DVD & Props

Instant Magician Magic Kit DVD & Props


This Magic Kit delivers the fastest magic training for the very best tricks in magic. As an added bonus you get the Magic Makers Mind Reading Crazy Cube & The Magic Pen Trick.

Do You Want To Learn Magic?
- Instant Tricks You Can Do With Everyday Objects!
- The 12 Best Tricks In Magic Are On This Complete Magic Course!
PLUS, learn how to perform the Self-Levitation Illusion.
Rob Stiff will share with you the best of the best in magic tricks.
Start by learning a card trick that leaves their jaws dropping. Then, see how easy it is to make a coin vanish and reappear! From cards, coins, rubber bands and ropes to tricks with ordinary books, you get it all.

The Mind Reading Crazy Cube
Are you looking for simple, easy to perform magic that has a big impact? Well, it doesn't get much simpler, easier or more amazing then the Magic Makers Crazy Cube. This is magic that is easy enough to be performed by novice magicians yet amazing enough to leave experienced performers speechless. Now you can have the power to read minds with the Magic Makers Crazy Cube.

Learn the Pen Thru Dollar Bill Illusion!
This magic training will show you how to take your Perfect Penetration pen and make a complete act in itself! Take your Magic Makers Perfect Penetration to the next level with six great illusions.
(Perfect PENetration pen included. Required to perform the magic.)
Pen Thru Bill Illusion & More Includes:
- Pen Thru Bill
- Rob's Version-Pen Thru Bill
- Ben's Version -Pen Thru Credit Card
-Pen Thru Coin
-Pen Thru Business Card
-The Hole Illusion

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