What is Magic?

Well due to the wonderful South Dakota weather I am currently sitting in the dark with no power. It's an ice age apocalypse! Since I have an iPhone that still has battery life I thought why not write a post!

What is magic? What is astonishment? I have my own answers, but for now I want you to ponder those two questions for a moment. A magician's perspective on magic and astonishment is much different from a non-magician...obviously. I will share my beliefs on what astonishment means to me more in depth in other blog posts, but for right now this post is about you and what astonishment means to you.

"That's the thing with magic. You've got to know it's still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible." - Charles de Lint

I find that quote extremely inspiring. It reminds me that magic is more than just performing. It's more than just the tricks. It's about revealing a state of mind that's always in front of us; the experience of astonishment. I love that line, "Magic is all around us." And like the quote mentions, if we are oblivious of this then the astonishment stays invisible.

So now is when I would love to hear from you! What does magic mean to you? A single mom working minimum wage, finding the cure for polio, graduating college - all are magical experiences. They are moments in time that change the world and ourselves. What's magical in your life?


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